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Welcome to Nucar Chevrolet of Norwood’s Service Center web portal, home for all your parts, service, and repair needs in the Greater Boston area. Our Norwood dealership serves customers from Walpole, Dedham, Medfield, Randolph, and beyond at our convenient Route 1 facility. We provide exceptional service and support for all Chevrolet models and vehicles from nearly every other brand. If you have a routine service need or a more complex issue, our service professionals can help.

Service You Can Rely On

Nucar Chevrolet of Norwood has been the leading Chevy dealership in the region for many years because we consistently deliver world-class service to our customers. We guarantee you’ll get the expert service you need and the attention you deserve when you bring your vehicle to our service center. In addition, we provide our factory-certified technicians with ongoing training on the latest Chevy parts and repair practices to maintain a superior level of expertise.

Our service center uses cutting-edge tools and equipment to diagnose and repair any issues you might have with your car. In addition, our technicians have decades of experience working on all vehicle brands, so if you have a problem, they’ve seen and fixed it before. We want our customers to properly maintain their vehicles according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. To help, we created a rotating list of service specials to encourage you to do so.

We use only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Chevrolet parts for all our repairs and services. Using genuine Chevy parts guarantees they fit correctly and work the way Chevrolet intended. You might find other repair shops offering to save you money using aftermarket parts. However, aftermarket parts manufacturers aren’t held to the same strict standards as OEMs. As a result, some parts don’t fit or work to the exact specifications of Chevrolet. These parts don’t last as long and lower your car’s performance. So, saving a little money on aftermarket parts only costs you more later through lower performance and replacing the part sooner.

Nucar Chevrolet of Norwood Services

Our service center provides routine maintenance and more complicated repairs on Chevrolets. We also work on all other makes and models, so if you have a vehicle in need of service, we can help. You can conveniently schedule any service online or stop by our service center at your convenience. Some of the services we provide include:

Oil Change

Extending the life of your engine starts with performing regular oil changes. Every vehicle has a recommended interval to change its engine oil. You can find this interval in your owner’s manual, or you can contact our service center if you’ve misplaced your manual, and we’ll look it up.

Most newer Chevys run 5,000-7,500 miles before needing an oil change. Some cars have 10,000-mile intervals. Your late-model Chevy will alert you when your oil level reaches a low level or its viscosity has dropped. If you can’t recall the last time you had your oil changed, you probably need this done. Our service center can provide this service and get you back on the road in under 30 minutes.

Tire Rotation and Replacement

If you don’t want to replace your tires often, we recommend rotating them. Rotating your tires not only prolongs their life but improves vehicle safety. Every vehicle experiences varying operating loads between the axles. For instance, a front-wheel-drive car’s front tires have to steer, provide traction, and brake, while the rear axle only has traction and braking responsibilities. As a result of this uneven load distribution, the tires on the front axle wear faster than the rear tires. Rotating your tires lets you spread out that wear more evenly, prolonging your tires’ life and saving you money.

Eventually, even rotated tires wear out. Our tire department stocks an expansive inventory of Chevrolet-specific tires and can install them immediately. When we rotate your tires, we’ll inspect them and provide a timeframe for when you might need to replace them. Plus, Nucar Chevrolet of Norwood has a tire price-match guarantee. We’ll match if you find a better price at the time of installation. If you find a better price within 30 days of purchasing new tires, we’ll refund the difference.

Brake Inspection and Service

Chevrolet brake systems have complex hydraulic and mechanical components. Some parts were designed to wear, such as brake pads. Others, such as the master cylinder, were constructed to last 10 years or longer and may never fail.

We suggest a brake inspection during every other oil change to ensure vehicle safety. Our trained technicians know what to look for, and if they see a potential issue, they’ll provide you with a written explanation, the repair cost, and the time it will take.

Signs you might have a problem with your brakes include squeaking or squealing noises when you brake. This sound might mean your pads have worn down, or you might have a more severe problem with the system. Ignoring these sounds leads to more costly repairs later on and creates an unsafe driving situation.

Battery Service

Your battery provides the critical power necessary to start your car. Unfortunately, there’s very little you can do to service your battery. Instead, you should have your battery tested at least once every year. Testing your battery takes a few seconds, and we can tell early on if your battery has begun to fail. We can replace your battery quickly from our expansive inventory if this happens.

Wheel Alignment

Your Chevy’s wheels were designed to fit precisely within your vehicle’s suspension and steering system. When your wheels come out of this alignment, steering problems can occur. Aligning your wheels helps your car perform at its peak. Misaligned tires often present symptoms such as pulling to either side when driving straight or vibrations in the steering system. You might also hear unusual sounds as you steer. If you experience any of these symptoms, we recommend you bring your car in immediately and have one of our technicians diagnose the problem.

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Nucar Chevrolet of Norwood wants you to enjoy your vehicle ownership experience. So if you need routine service or more complex repairs, you can count on our service center to help. We invite you to schedule service online for all your regular maintenance. However, you can always bring your car in for a multi-point inspection, and we’ll give you a comprehensive vehicle health report and any service recommendations.


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